We’ve made a lot of little progress this week.  🙂  We have the cake topper pieces.  We have the elusive envelopes.  Joan (Mother of the Groom) went to check out a place for the Rehearsal Dinner.  The one I’m most proud to announce, however, is that WE HAVE THE INVITATIONS FINISHED!

Ana came over this morning (God bless having week days off sometimes) and we cut, folded, and glued them all.  They have been tested in the envelopes and everything fits, which I was a touch worried about.  Now we just need to send the envelopes for addressing, get them back, and stuff them.  All with a month until they really need to go out!  Hurray!

Note on the RSVP’s:  They do not have a like for you to put your name.  This was a decision made for a reason.  It takes up space on the RSVP’s which we are using for song suggestion.  I have a system to know whose card it is when it comes back.  Thanks to Pintrest (I was surprised too) I found a way to mark them.  I got a set of invisible ink markers and a little blacklight.  I’m going to number the RSVP’s and stuff them strategically into your envelopes.  When I get them back I’ll flash the little blacklight and check you off my fancy numbered guest list.  Also, it’s kind of a social experiment to see who/how many of you find a way to put your names on the cards.  🙂


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  1. Jackie says:

    Joan sent me the link to here, I guess I missed it or Andrew and you didn’t send it to me? Either way, I’ve got it now!
    It looks like you guys are doing great with the plans, and I LOVE carnations too 😀 They smell wonderfully and are beautiful!
    Much love-
    Aunt Jackie

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