Invitations are ordered!!!!!

To be more specific ENVELOPES are ordered, but that seemed to be the major battle.

My fantastic and talented brother Ben has accepted the job of designing all the paper goods for this wedding.  He’s the man behind the wonderful save-the-date post cards that went out months ago and has continued the theme he started onto the invitations.  I love them.  I had it in mind that they would be an all in one folded deal that wouldn’t need an envelope.  I have no idea why I thought that, given that I SAW THEM over the holidays.  I kept pestering him to tell me the paper size thinking that I could go ahead and buy the paper and be prepared to glue it up.  After he sent me his creation it took me half an hour to realize I was completely wrong and why he had been so confused by my constant questioning. 

Bless his heart he was still willing to work with his crazy and indecisive sister on the wording. 

Any hoo…Mistakes realized, the process was able to move forward again.  The envelopes will be here later this week.  The invitations themselves are being taken in for printing tomorrow.  I’ll be gathering girls over chick flicks and probably cheap wine to get everything constructed and stuffed into envelopes.

On a different note, registries have been added to.  I’ve added so much registry stuff I even had to add a whole registry to the list page (haha. Not technically true.  The Macy’s one has been around for a while, but simply had been missed on the website.)  I even added title tags  for ADA compliance, in case a blind person reads our site.  Go ahead…be in awe of my mad computer skills…

Since we were online a lot anyway we made another purchase.  We’ve got the cake topper heading to us in the mail!  It’s surprising how excited we both are about a cake topper.  I guess it’s just because we are both geeks and this thing is going to be awesome!

If all goes to plan (a plan of which Andrew may not yet be aware) there will be a stop at stores to look at suits for him tomorrow.  I’m going to get rest in preparation for that bit of fun.

Good night! 


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