The Wedding is 11 Weeks Away…That Can’t Be Right? AHH!

The envelopes for the invitations came in today and the writing on it looks AMAZING.  Blair Olser (a friend of Carolyn Wagner’s) did a fantastic job of the calligraphy.  She’s also a treat to work with and handled my maddening schedule and spontaneous requests with ease. 

The RSVP’s have been marked up, stuffed into an invitation, and then stuffed into an envelope.  We’re waiting on a reprint of the information cards to get them sent and they should be on their way to a mail box near you by Tuesday!  “Oh Beth!” you say. “Those should have gone out at the beginning of March for a wedding on June 1st!”  Well, to you I say “Quiet your mouth.  They will be heading out on Tuesday.  This is happening.”  🙂

We have our rings!  They are beautiful and gorgeous and we love them.  Neither of us can wait to wear them, but we will.  There’s only 11 weeks left anyway.  🙂

My wonderful Aunts threw me a lovely shower on my birthday.  There were quite a lot of pictures, so I’m sure some shots of the festivities will find their way onto this blog.  I especially loved the tiara/veil my cousins made for me to wear.  It was all kinds of fancy.  I was truly touched that so many people were able to be there to celebrate.  Andrew and I took out the remaining cupcakes Sarah made.  They were extra delicious and I should NOT have eaten 3 while getting ready to have my first dress fitting…

That’s coming up in about 2 weeks.  I’m super nervous for some reason.  I love my dress and I’ve seen it with my Grandma’s jewelry and I know it will have to be taken in, but the thought of having it sized to fit me now makes my stomach do back flips.  I think it’s just that I feel like the dress fitting should be done close to the wedding and there’s no way it could be coming up because there’s still so much to do!

Speaking of things to do…I’m going to go write some thank you notes and breath into this paper bag…



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