The Wedding Party

We have made decisions, asked questions, and gotten answers.  We officially have a wedding party!  They are as follows:

Laura Marsh – Maid of Honor
Brandon Duke – Best Man

Bride’s Maids –
Erin Ream (previously Flaherty for those of you who remember such things  🙂   )
Charity Simpson (previously Richardson)
Ana Merrill
Carolyn Wagner
Erica Wagner

Groom’s Men –
Bob Sherron
Matt Peimann
Josh Udell
Jimi Schuckmann
John Severs

Ushers –
Ben Severs
Andrew Severs

So that’s awesome.  I’m still collecting a few addresses.  I got a neat return address stamp that we can use forever (it’s the little things that make me smile).  Tomorrow we are going to settle on suits for the men folk.  Both Mothers have their dresses.  I got my shoes, but they have to go back because they are too big.  At least I know what size and color I want and can get now so that’s still progress.  Oh and I spent two hours being snowed in at work this week looking at pictures of pretty beaches that I may very well end up visiting in real life!

I THINK I know what I want to do for favors and now we are both waiting to see everyone for showers/bachellor/bachelorette parties.

I like that the ‘big’ stuff is decided.  This way we are able to enjoy the little ones.


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