Very Belated Update

Holy Cow! there has been so much going on SINCE AUGUST that I’m not sure where to begin.  Ahh Right…

Hearty Congratulations to Erin and Justin Ream for the birth of the absolutely adorable Maggie Ream on December 1st!!!!!!  We are so incredibly happy for them and Miss Maggie is completely blessed to have such loving parents.

In relate news….Congratulations to both the Merrill and Simpson families for their upcoming arrivals!  Ana and Logan Merrill are expecting a bouncing baby (my money is on boy, but they aren’t finding out the sex) in mid April.  Charity and Jon are expecting a little boy in mid June.

And that’s all the baby announcements for this particular wedding.

All three of these wonderful new mommies have agreed to be bride’s maids, along with Erica and Carolyn Wagner.

Ms. Laura Marsh will be playing the role of the Maid of Honor.

Each of these ladies have been through dress shopping, fittings, measurements, and have the dresses on order. 

Speaking of dresses my fancy wedding dress has been purchased (and still fits!) and is living with Ana currently, where it will stay until later fittings and alterations.

I met with the florist again today and we have that whole deal set up and ready to go.  Turn out white carnations are cheap, which is good since they are my all time favorite flower (I know, I’m so fancy.)

We have a wonderful DJ booked.  He’s the same DJ who did a smash up job at both the Sherron’s and Peimann’s weddings and will soon be making an appearance at the Duke’s wedding reception this April.  We are looking for song suggestions at this point.  While my brother Andrew thinks “The Thong Song” would make a wonderful addition to the play list for the ceremony, I have my doubts.  I’m asking for serious suggestions (and yes I am giving the stink eye to the general directions in which my brothers live right now…)

Next up, FOOD!  We have decided on Orlando’s Catering since they have worked with the Mahler Ballroom many times in the past and we’ve enjoyed their food at previous weddings (Thanks Scheena and Yao!).  The menu isn’t quite set yet, but I’m making certain sure that all food allergies are accounted for.  This may mean that Andrew, Spencer Sharp, and Jon Walton have their own plated meal while I stand in line at the buffet, but no one will be poisoned at my wedding.
This is a pledge I make to myself and all of our wonderful guests.  It’s the little things really.

That’s all for now.  I’m sure I will think of other things shortly, but until then…THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT OUR SITE!  I promise to update more regularly in the future.


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    Hey look, you guys have a website!

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